Chair Partnerships

A revolutionary outreach to the Spanish speaking community.


Special Gifting Opportunities

              • Leave a legacy
              • Donate in Memorial
              • Donate an Honorarium

Congregations & Individuals contribution; one time gift or regular contribution.



Your Gifts of any amount will help to pay for the following expenditures:

Room & board, books & school Supplies, toiletries & misc., videoconference transmission, transportation, utilities, medical necessities, oversight staff, etc.


canCoin Cans

Save your change in these handy cans - You'll never miss the money, but it will make a tremendous difference in the lives our our students. We'll come by periodically and pick them up so you don't have to worry about getting them back to us. If you'll fill them with silver, (no pennies please), each can will have between $50 and $75 when they're filled.  To request more, contact us.  Thank you! Without making a monthly commitment to a specific amount, everyone in your congregation will be able to make a contribution to the success of the Latin American Bible Institute of Mexicali.

What they say...

  • daniel_fMy name is Daniel. I was born on June 23th, 1983. My parents, Jose and Betty, have taught me good moral and spiritual values. No long ago, I was baptized after waiting too long because I didn't comprehend the importance of being saved. 

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